Founder Courtney Stephen and Co-Founder Mike Edem

Canada’s Premier Youth Football Academy

Changing the Culture of Canadian Football

Our Story

Overtime Football is an organization that is raising the bar in Canadian youth sports.

Our mission is to give our next generation of student-athletes the tools that they need to thrive and excel at the next level.

Our coaches are hand-picked veterans of the game with a variety of experiences at all levels of competitions. Together, with their leadership, we have been able to create a community where athletes, parents and youth football coaches can learn the game and gain an appreciation for all of the subtle nuances that make Canadian football so unique.

OVERTIME FOOTBALL’s programs focus on establishing a solid foundation for student-athletes to build on. This comprehensive approach to developing young people involves holding offseason training sessions, practices and workshops.

Real growth is reliant on three main components; leadership, planning, and practice.

Exposure to reputable mentors is absolutely critical for social, athletic, and professional development. Learning how to navigate the school system and real-life working world are valuable life skills.

OVERTIME FOOTBALLdoesn’t believe in waiting until decision time to teach youth about their options. We proactively provide educational classes and seminars designed to prepare young people for their future.

Mere exposure is never enough. Our extended programming offers an opportunity to build relationships with our student-athletes, so that we can help them uncover their hidden strengths, harvest confidence and define their goals inside and outside of the game. OVERTIME is about more than just football. Our student-athletes don’t only dream big, they learn how to plan for performance.

Access to equipment and adequate space can scarce in Canada. Our programs offer ambitious athletes a place to work on their craft while every one else is taking a break. That is why we call ourselves OVERTIME.

The Overtime Football Family

The Overtime Football Family



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